Youth Basketball Plays for Offense

Basketball Coaching Plays for Youth Basketball
Basketball Offensive Plays to Attack Opponent's Defensive Tactics
By Brad Winters

Do you have a variety of offensive plays in your basketball playbook to handle the different special situations your team will face during the course of a game? Youth basketball coaches need to have a variety of different basketball plays in their play-book for attacking man-to-man defenses, zone defenses, match-up defenses, full-court pressure defenses, side out-of-bounds defenses, under out-of-bounds defenses, junk defenses, and late-game situations.

As a youth basketball coach, you need to know and understand the right timing and strategy for using a specific offensive basketball play. This basketball coaching knowledge and expertise will make you value-added as a bench coach on the sideline and increase your team's chances of winning.

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Learning What and When to Call
The Art of Basketball Offense Play Calling

To develop your ability to successfully call basketball offensive plays during the game, I believe you need to master a limited number of proven youth basketball plays. Special youth offensive basketball plays that can be executed from a variety of different offensive basketball alignments (1 4 High, 4 Out/1 In, 3 Out/2 In, UCLA High Post set, Stack Offense set, etc.). Also, this core group of set offensive basketball plays should be easily adaptable to be run in different situations during a game (under out-of-bounds play, side out-of-bounds play, man offense play, zone offense play, and last-second game winning play, etc.).

How will this expertise and knowledge in a small group of set offense plays help you and your team? From my coaching experience, it made me a better basketball coach during practice. It reduced the amount of valuable practice time I needed to spend daily working on our team's special offensive plays and individual player assignments. This of course, gave me more gym time to work on my team's basketball skills and fundamentals.

Mastering a limited number of basketballs plays also greatly improved my team's execution of each basketball play called during a hotly contested game. My basketball players knew exactly what their play assignments were, and executed their role with confidence.

But most of all, the expertise and knowledge in a core group of offensive set plays gave me the utmost confidence in what I was doing as a high school basketball coach during a pressure-packed game. Intuitively, I felt like I knew the correct offensive set play to call at the right moment in the game to give my team the winning edge!

Championship Basketball Playbook
Diagramed Basketball Plays for Youth Basketball Teams

All of our team’s winning basketball plays are included in our Championship Basketball Playbook. These boys and girls youth basketball plays are “proven winners” and they will work for your youth basketball team... Check out our basketball offensive set play we call Cross. It will give you an idea of the basketball offensive plays we like and recommend in our Championship Basketball Playbook.

Coach Al McGuire
"Keep it simple, when you get too complex you forget the obvious." -- Coach Al McGuire
Coach Rick Pitino
"It's better to have a good player with the basketball in late game situations than to have plays." --Coach Rick Pitino
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