Championship Basketball Playbook

Discover a Proven Winner!

Do you currently have a WINNING basketball system?

If not, then this basketball playbook covering our complete basketball system, from top to bottom, is for YOU.

Here is a sample of the information you'll receive in our Championship Basketball Playbook:

My complete offensive and defensive basketball system ( you will be totally organized as a coach)

Great basketball primary and secondary fast breaks that produce

Man-to-man basketball offenses that get your team's best players great shots

Game winning basketball Quick Hitters

Absolutely the best basketball zone offense that I've ever used ( this is worth the price of this basketball playbook)

Outstanding basketball inbounds plays that lead to easy scores

The best basketball man-to-man defensive scheme used today ( gives your basketball team the opportunity to compete against more athletic teams)

Detailed information on when and how to use full-court and half-court pressure defenses - 2-2-1 press, 1-2-1-1 press, and 1-3-1 press

See the awesome spread offense and basketball delay game that we use that no one can stop

Over 90 basketball diagrams are used for illustration

We know this basketball system works, and it will work for you too. Everything that we do is designed to beat the very best teams on our schedule. To beat the best, you must have a great plan of attack. One that is well thought out and GAME TESTED.

Using this innovative basketball playbook, our team record over four years was a whopping 146 - 23 (.863)! Simply put, this basketball plan of attack is proven and it works!

Put your basketball players in a position to WIN with this system.

The price of this basketball playbook is only $39.95

Order your basketball playbook today!

100% Money-back Guarantee! Please allow 5 - 7 business days for delivery.

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The Smart Choice for Coaches

"This is a great basketball playbook. I'm very proud of it. Many long hours have gone into producing it. It contains a wealth of basketball coaching tips, wisdom, etc...I've tried my best to make this basketball playbook something that basketball coaches all over the world can use to help take their basketball program to the next level.

You may not have the players to win the Championship, but this basketball playbook is going to help you to excel as a basketball coach." -- Brad Winters

What Others Are Saying

"This basketball playbook is definitely designed to help any basketball coach sell this winning basketball system to their players, coaches and fans... Containing over 50 pages, this basketball playbook has a little of everything. It contains information for motivating athletes, goal setting, practice planning, conditioning and some excellent tips on basketball fundamentals.

"Of course, for you X's and O's types, this basketball playbook also has information on Coach Winters' effective offensive and defensive schemes, complete with diagrams and easy to understand text.

"I encourage coaches at all levels to give this basketball playbook a look. Well done and very informative. I enjoyed it very much." -- Shane Dreiling,

Josh Winters

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